She is absolutely AMAZING, very CLEAN person. SHE NEVER DOUBLE DIPS. I got a brazillian wax for the first time and she took her time with me, making me feel extremely relaxed and comfortable. I will definitely go back to her. Her place is upscale and neat. Highly recommended from me. Danielle G.


The Studio is very clean and upscale. Brenda was very nice and professional. She introduced herself, asked me what I was looking for and addressed any concerns. She asked me if I would like music playing, then asked what I would like to hear. It was a very pleasant experience. I am defiantly going back. Albert B.

Why Get Waxed
Whether you're new to waxing or considering to give it a second try you're in good hands. We have mastered making this experience as pleasant and painless as possible. We use a high quality wax from Berodin. The wax adheres firmly to fine and coarse hair without sticking to skin and is heated at a low temperature to minimize irritation. So gentle yet effective, you will notice the difference. Many customers are surprised at the difference and are pleased with the results.



Flawless Body Waxing Studio takes pride in cleanliness and sanitary measures.
We have a NO double dipping rule!
Who Are We
Flawless Body Waxing Studio is a full service body waxing salon that specializes in both female and male waxing. At Flawless Body Waxing Studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, you can get smooth hairless skin in a Flawless way. We are the Brazilian wax specialists.
Why Choose Us?
The techniques and methods for hair removal are being refined over time. We pride ourselves in cleanliness and avoid cross contamination. There is never any double dipping of waxing sticks. Also, the room is wiped clean after each use. We use gloves to minimize contamination of the skin in order to minimize bumps after being waxed.

Quality Comes First



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​​How We Remove Hair
Our hair removal starts with informing our clients on what to do and avoid before getting waxed. We obtain information regarding your skin care and examine the skin. Before we apply any wax the skin must be clean. We prepare the skin by cleaning it with a pre-cleaner which is all natural. ​We use high quality wax to remove unwanted hair. After removing the hair with hard or soft wax we rejuvenate the skin with a Post Wax Essential Oil which leaves the skin feeling soft and not sticky. Finally we make sure that you are happy with the results and inform you how to avoid getting bumps if your prone.

Packages cannot be substituted and/or combined with other offers, promotions or purchased in a series.

Brazilian Wax

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